About Brian Bowles Accident Repair Centre Leicester

Brian Bowles Accident Repair Centre Leicester was established in 1970 by its founder Brian Bowles.

In 1970 the company was started from scratch in a small village called Huncote, where it quickly gained a loyal customer following and also became the repairer of choice for many Insurers.

In 1983 it was apparent that the company was out growing the property and it was time to move to a larger garage in Narborough.

We believe that our success is down to the personal touch which you only get from a family business rather than the big multi national companies that have to push work through as fast as possible in order to meet targets. We believe in putting customer satisfaction and quality of repair above all else.

To keep up with the complexity of the latest generation vehicles, we are always investing in new equipment and staff training whether it’s the latest in spot welders to the very best in computer management software.

Our current manufacturer approvals are for Citroen, Suzuki, Peugeot.

We hope you find our service to your satisfaction and any feedback is always gratefully received, good or bad. Always strive to maintain the hightest standard of car body repairs and have a great reputation throughout Leicester.

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