A Little Challenge

Hi, my name is Kevin Shaw and I am the Manager here at Brian Bowles ARC, We have recently had a new website built, and one of the new features of this website is a blog page, now I am not a tech savy person, but what i’m told is that we can use this blog to talk to our customers about the company and what goes on behind our doors, as well as communicate any special offers that we might have. but in my first blog post i wanted to tell you about a challenge that i set myself a few months ago to raise money for charity,

So, a few months ago I had a real desire  to raise funds for the Bodie Hodges foundation. The Bodie Hodges Foudation was set up in memory of an amazing 10 month old little boy who lost his life but became a true hero and gave life to 4 other children though organ donation, something most of us will never do in a lifetime and yet he did that and he is a true inspiration. the money that I raise will help go towards a holiday home for  families who have lost a child.

So how am i going to raise this money? well again a few months back I got a bike! and started to use it to try and get into shape! I loved it, and thought it was pretty easy! so I set myself the challenge of biking to Skegnes and back within 48 hours now biking 98 miles each way didn’t seem to much of a challenge at first. until i started training but I am now starting to realize the magnitude of the task that i have set myself.


So if you have a few quid that you can spare to make my suffering go to a good cause then please visit my just giving page by

clicking the following like - www.justgiving.com/bodiebikeride

Or if you want to read more about the Bodie Hodges Fountation then please click the following link www.bodiehodgesfoundation.co.uk

I’ll be keeping you posted so keep a look out

bike training

Wish me Luck